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Thank you to those who support Texarkana Animal League with

donations and contributions making it possible

to help the animals in our community.

You make a difference.


April, 2015 through January, 2016






Given by:                                              In Memory of:

Scottie Burnett and Family                                      Louie, beloved St Bernard of Becky and Stuart Phillips

Dr. Betty Feir                                                           Muriel Flint, mother of Bruce Flint

Dr. Cordell Klein                                                      Mickey Haltom, father of Mollie Barnette

Denise and Harrison Wright                                    M’Leah, beloved dog of Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie Moreland

Richard and Georgette Peckham                            Larry Wells

Dr. Betty Feir                                                           Larry Wells

Richard and Georgette Peckham                            Sidney, cat of Denise and Brian Reed

Junie and Dennis Young                                         Prissy Green, beloved pet of Diane and Curt Green

Lori Howeth                                                            Glenda Grey

Susan Keeney                                                        Margaret Ann

Pam Barrett                                                            Morriss Granberrry

Beth Morgan                                                           Darnell Fitzgerald

Bobby Shipp                                                           Lollipup and Beaux-Beaux, beloved dogs of

                                                                                         Errol and Theda Friedman

Carolyn Terry                                                          Barney O’Farrell

Collom and Carney Pediatrics Dept.                      John Ferguson, Jr., father of Vicki Deskin

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Meredith                                    John Ferguson, Jr., father of Vicki Deskin

Sarah and Paul Meredith                                       Sam, beloved Sheltie of Jane and Eddie Daines

Sarah and Paul Meredith                                       Molly, beloved pet of Kenny Foster

Sarah and Paul Meredith                                       Kato, beloved pet of Hallie and Langdon Meredith

Mike and Vicky Sandefur                                       Gerlinde “Oma” Harris

Keith and Debbie Lee                                            Gerlinde “Oma” Harris

Gail and Gene Cogbill                                           Tammy Baker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lott






Given by:                                            In Honor of:

Barbara Cole                                                         Kenneth Cole

Scotty Burnett and Family                                     Dr. Betty Feir and Mike Richardson

Dr. Sandra Shamburger                                        Larry Sims

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cogbill                                    Dr. Cordell Klein





Louis and Dian Acruman

Ark-La-Tex Obedience Training

James M. Baughman (Mike)

Nancy Biggar

Keitha Brannick

Chad Bullington

Judge and Mrs. Ralph Burgess

Ilsa Callies

Donna Carter

Charming Charlie

Rita Coe

Barbara Cole

Diane Cooper

Vicky Coopwood

Margaret Davis

Wendy Dowd

Virginia Pittman Eiland Estate

Guy and Tana Ellyson

Theda Friedman

Gateway Garden Club

Judy Gore

Sandra S. Grady

Jeff Harris

Phyllis Hearn

Charlotte Heuter

Deanna and Phillip Honea

Larry Hunt

Kristie and Andrew Lang, Jr.

Gloria Lockett

Cathy Long

Nancy Malone

Martha Marshall

Roberta McMahon

Judith Messer

Georgette Peckham

Geneva Raney

Eileen Rothwell

Charles Russell

Laura Rutland

Jason and Amy Sadowski

Toni Sircely

Charlotte Spillyard

Ruth Stone

Texarkana Gazette

Stacy Wade

Kathryn Williamson

Judith White

Dixie Wilson



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