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Texarkana Animal League has opened its Adoption Center at 5820 Richmond Road, Texarkana, Texas, thanks in large part to a donation by the late Patricia Wheelington. A reminder of Ms. Wheelington is found on the walls of the new facility in the form of a sign from the “Guys ‘N Dolls Square Dance Club,” which was owned by their benefactor. The adoption center will be a convenient spot for adopters to meet prospective pets.

With a colorful theme, lots of great items to purchase, and comfortable surroundings, the adoption center will quickly become a destination for pet lovers.

Volunteer opportunities are currently available at the adoption center.  We are always seeking volunteers who love animals and want to help save lives.

Our programs include:

Dog/Cat Foster Care • Dog/Cat Adoption Events (including maintaining cat room at Petsmart) • Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) • Community Education, Rescue Assistance Program (RAP) • Noel’s Fund, which assists the Texarkana Animal Care and Adoption Center (Animal Shelter) with Vaccinations/Medications, as well as sponsorships for those adopting pets.

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