What is the Texarkana Animal League?

Texarkana Animal League (TAL) is a 501©3 and we exist to provide protection and care for abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted companion animals. We also promote animal welfare through programs and services that mutually benefit animals and people. Officially organized in Texarkana AR in 1994, TAL has gone through over 20 years of growth and change. Each year we help hundreds of animals and their families through our assistance programs. We have expanded our reach past Texarkana and now serve people and animals in Bowie & Cass counties in Texas and Miller & Little River counties in Arkansas. We have big dreams for the future and hope that we can count on the continued support of our community in order to achieve those dreams.

TAL is a group of community-minded volunteers dedicated to improving the lives and welfare of animals. Because our organization is run mainly by volunteers, all proceeds directly benefit animal care and adoptions, and will assist with our community outreach programs such as a Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), Foster Programs for cats and dogs, as well as educational and service projects to assist TAL’s belief that all animals are deserving of life, respect and care.

TAL is NOT the animal shelter nor are we connected to any governmental animal control unit, but we do support the Texarkana AR Animal Care & Adoption Center (our local shelter) in many ways, including financially and we assist area Animal Control Officers from both Texas and Arkansas whenever they contact us.




To be recognized as a major resource to the community for the implementation of public education programs with the goal of eliminating the pet over population that exists within the Texarkana area. We believe that one person can make a difference and that our grass roots approach to education, awareness, rescue, foster and adoption of abused and abandoned dogs and cats will make a significant difference in the lives of animals in need.

We bring adoptable cat and dogs of all breeds into our program for social rehabilitation, medical care and ultimately adoption. We provide education and resources to the public to encourage pet owners to take responsibility for their pets and prevent their family pet from contributing to the over population problem we have in the Texarkana area. We provide education on the importance of spay and neutering, proper pet selection and the importance of adoption vs purchase.


We are dedicated to eliminating the Texarkana area's problem of animal over population through public education.

·         Education to raise public awareness on the importance of adoption of pets  vs supporting the development of “puppy mills”

·         Public education on proper pet ownership and the responsibilities that come with it

·         Public education of the importance of spaying and neutering family pets

·         Rescue, fostering and adoption programs to save, vet and rehome abused and neglected dogs and cats.

·         To enlist the confidence of our donors, volunteers and the communities within which we operate by demonstrating effective services and sound business practices that foster a culture of giving and encourage investment in Texarkana Animal League.


Executive Committee:

Samantha McCallister, Georgette Peckham. Chrissie McJunkins and Vicki Deskin


Andrea Chewning, Bridget Contreras, Bruce Flint, Dr. Susan Keeney,  Brandon Phillips and Brenda Williamson



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